Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Happy folding!really a happy day for me in face book i saw katrin 's page i wrote a mail to her .she replied . i am on clouds. thanks to net which can erase the distances between the continents.and in face book i met with many origami masters.very very happy day

Katrin Ray July 13 at 6:45pm
Hello dear Sri

Thank you for your passionate message and wonderful impressions.
It is so good to know that you was inspired by Oriland and actively use origami in your practice.
Yes, Origami is a beautiful art, which has very important features. Glad to know that benefits of origami were well received by the teachers around you. It's wonderful and please keep it up!

We are having a busy schedule this week with many origami workshops, so I just had a quick look at your blog - I will surely visit it again to see it closely.

Good luck and happy folding!


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