Saturday, May 22, 2010

sea orchin kusudama

Designer             :  MAKATO YAMAGUCHI
Folder:                  :  DEVi
Model type:        :     Modular
Paper ratio      :    4O SQUARE UNIT
Difficulty Level  :     INTERMEDIATE
Diagrams         :    Kusudama ball origami
 Origami related website:  

kusudama pansy flower ball

I love kusudama balls. I fallowed you tube links and fuse tomoko 's unit origami..If you want to make any one of these i will help you.

Folder:                                 DEVI
Model type:                    MODULAR
Paper ratio:                     40 SAME SIZE SQUARE
Difficulty Level:       INTERMEDIATE
Diagrams:                 KUSUDAMABALL ORIGAMI   

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Egyptian Vase

This is a beautiful vase folded by me.with the help of a CD presented by my brother.He encourages me a lot.

Designer:                       katrin&yuri shumakov
Folder:                                 DEVI
Model type:                       vases
Paper ratio:                     a4sheet
Difficulty Level:               simple
Diagrams:                       oribana beauty
Diagrams included in the book:

Faceted Vase

I like modular origami with flowers, these I will post later
This is yet another type of vase folded with one square. The yellow flowers are Kusudama modules (one can assemble several of them to make a Kusudama). Blue is Origami Lilly and Red is simple flower. I got inspired on these from 

Designer:                       katrin&yuri shumakov
Folder:                                 DEVI
Model type:                       vases
Paper ratio:                     a4sheet
Difficulty Level:               simple
Diagrams:                       oribana beauty
Related website:

Oribana - Flowers and 3d origami Vases

Origami flower vases.
" It's up to us to make our area a paradise. "
They are fascinating to make, look elegant and don't need the flowers to be replaced! 

The Owl Vase that holds the flowers below is made of nearly 300 modular pieces (referred to as 3D Origami). The flowers, leaves and stems are simple enough to make and decorate.all are just made with A4 colored paper